I think most people know what climate change is. There are varying analyses of causes and severity, and occasionally a politician mistakes the existence of snowballs for contrary evidence. Still, however our delightful clowns choose to entertain us, most of us have a good general idea what climate change is, even when we don’t admit it. My stories ask:

  • Who bears the cost of climate change?
  • Will balker nations face the response of total war?
  • How will we preserve cultures and biomes?
  • How will we accommodate billions of refugees?
  • How will individuals grapple with the loss of home?
  • What will the economic upheaval be like for individuals?
  • How will individuals survive their loss of purpose?

In every case, I am primarily concerned with how individual people respond to the pressures of climate change – displacement, purpose lost, uncertainty, grief, and more. I draw on my own experiences of change and displacement, although I’m sure that mine are minor compared to some.