Cybernetics – biological, mechanical, social – involves the study of learning though interaction and feedback. It is an expanded concept of mind that can include concepts like extended cognition – use of external resources to process and interact with information. My stories ask a few questions:

  • Who owns the future of education?
  • How will the plutocracy exploit cybernetics?
  • What are the consequences when algorithms influence sapience?
  • Can we augment our reality to meet our expectations?
  • Can we mod our expectations to embrace our reality?
  • What cons can be run on extended cognition dependency?
  • Would it be fun?
  • And more…

While free will versus determinacy are a common flash point of enmity, it’s more interesting to consider the results of molded will. Not whether we can or should know our fates – but the perhaps exciting, perhaps unsettling prospect that we are enmeshed in the architecture of fate.


Techno-Phobe introduces Javier, an extended-cognition human, and Satoshi, an unmodified human. It is the first of the Adventures of Satoshi Bitman in my collection Fake News & Solitude. Satoshi's adventures…

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Sun-baked Manhattan, protected by its Bay Wall, awaits the rising cold, gray Atlantic. Manhattan governs the Northeast American Continent alongside several other mega-cities. Hundreds of millions of inhabitants mull about…

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Benediction Benediction's inhabitants have converted their world into a massive supercomputer - the Exoverse Machine. The purpose of the asset is to completely map the moments of the Universe. "Custodian"…

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