• Benediction’s inhabitants have converted their world into a massive supercomputer – the Exoverse Machine. The purpose of the asset is to completely map the moments of the Universe. “Custodian” is a prevailing profession on Benediction. A Custodian’s job is to make sense of the chaotic data gathered by the Machine. To harvest data, the Machine must be agnostic about spacetime. It’s a garbled mess until a Custodian cleans it up.

Known Residents:

  • Adavan
    • Humanoid
    • Male, unattached
    • Mid-30s
    • Ginger Ale
    • Custodian of Universal History
    • Creator of New Eden Construct
    • Wanted for Cybercrime: Misappropriation of Exoverse computational assets.
    • Wanted for Crimes Against Humanity: Simulation of a sentient being.
  • Director
    • Humanoid
    • Female, romantic interests unknown
    • Mid-50s, perhaps
    • Whiskey
    • Oversees all Custodian activity
    • Disapproves of playing God
  • Satoshi Bitman
    • Deceased
    • New Eden Construct
  • Agnes Britten
    • Deceased
    • New Eden Construct
    • Wanted for Cyberterrorism: Leader of renewed Meditation Movement
    • Available for Interviews

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